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Information Technology
Product Management

Lori Maeder

Executive Vice President
LoriMaeder@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1102

Dawn Lochner

Chief Operating Officer
DawnLochner@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1103

Bill Almon

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Nick Sarin

Assistant General Manager
NickSarin@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1104

Adam Cavalier

Operations Manager - Turnersville
AdamCavalier@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1701

Al Tulini

Director of Quality

Mike Liccketto

Quality Systems Document Control Specialist
MikeLiccketto@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1501

Joe Whalen

Director of Information Technology
JosephWhalen@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1108

Tony Cristoforo

Software Engineer III
TonyCristoforo@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1602

Wayne Hans

Software Engineer 1
WayneHans@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1603

Nicolette Sarin

Operations Assistant
NicoletteSarin@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1702

William Carr

Warehouse Manager
WilliamCarr@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1704

Blake Hastings

Outside Territory Account Manager

Charlene Hasting

Inside Territory Account Manager
CharleneHasting@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1254

Heather Sylvan

Inside Territory Account Manager
HeatherSylvan@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1262

Jennifer Caporelli

Sales Assistant
JenniferCaporelli@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1255

Joe McGurk

Outside Territory Account Manager
JoeMcGurk@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1252

Kate Lechleidner

Inside Territory Account Manager
KateLechleidner@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1251

Sherry Meyer

Outside Territory Account Manager
SherryMeyer@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1260

Alyssa Eckardt

Sales Customer Service Representative
AlyssaEckardt@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1264

Colleen Harmel

Customer Service Representative
ColleenHarmel@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1001

Abigail Plank

Value Added Product Manager
AbigailPlank@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1306

Christina Harrison

Materials Manager
ChristinaHarrison@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1304

Dana Calabrese

Product Manager Assistant
DanaCalabrese@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1308

Danielle Richardson

Winchester-Heritage Product Manager
DanielleRichardson@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1302

Dominic Veteri

Product Manager
DominicVeteri@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1305

Jordan Wright

Value Added Product Assistant
JordanWright@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1307

Kristine Davenport

Continental Product Manager
KristineDavenport@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1303

Taryn Schriver

Senior Cost Estimator
TarynSchriver@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1257

Joe Buono

Accounting Manager
JoeBuono@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1402

Regina Murphy

Accounting Assistant
ReginaMurphy@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1403

Veronica Hartmann

Accounts Receivable
VeronicaHartmann@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1404

Cathi Ritchie

Quality Inspector
CathiRitchie@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1710

Glenn Cippon

Manufacturing Support Manager
GlennCippon@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1503

Lem Agustin

Electrical Engineer
LemAgustin@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1502

Michael Stoever

Marketing Associate
MichaelStoever@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1261

Robert Grzib

Marketing Manager
RobertGrzib@cdmelectronics.com 856-740-1200 EXT. 1250


CDM Electronics is a premier authorized distributor for manufacturers of electronic connectors and cables. Our specialty is harsh environment applications, where conditions surrounding the products can be extreme.

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