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Business Development
Product Management

Lori Maeder

Vice President 856-740-1200 EXT. 1211

Brian Miller

Vice President of Sales 856-740-1200 EXT. 1219

Dawn Lochner

General Manager 856-740-1200 EXT. 1240

Adam Cavalier

Operations Manager - Turnersville 856-740-1200 EXT. 1229

Mike Liccketto

Director of Quality 856-740-1200 EXT. 1237

Sherry Meyer

Office Manager 856-740-1200 EXT. 1220

Nicolette Sarin

Operations Assistant

Hope McCurdy

Northeast Business Development Manager

Joe McGurk

Mid-Atlantic Business Development Manager

Kim Murphy

New England Business Development Manager

Bill Almon

Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Charlene Hasting

Sales Representative 856-740-1200 EXT. 1206

Christina Harrison

Sales Representative 856-740-1200 EXT. 1244

Heather Sylvan

Sales Assistant

Kate Lechleidner

Sales Representative 856-740-1200 EXT. 1234

Lori Scott

Account Manager

Taryn Schriver

Account Manager 856-740-1200 EXT. 1212

Abigail Plank

Value Added Product Manager 856-740-1200 EXT. 1222

Danielle Ragone

Winchester-Heritage Product Manager 856-740-1200 EXT. 1225

Dominic Veteri

Product Manager 856-740-1200 EXT. 1221

Jordan Wright

Value Added Product Assistant

Kristine Davenport

Continental Product Manager 856-740-1200 EXT. 1214

Robert Grzib

Product Manager 856-740-1200 EXT. 1241

Al Tulini

Quality Manager 856-740-1200 EXT. 1230

Carlos Acevedo

Engineer Technician 856-740-1200 EXT. 1235

Glenn Cippon

Electro-Mechanical Engineer/Process Improvement Manager 856-740-1200 EXT. 1236

Lem Agustin

Electrical Engineer 856-740-1200 EXT. 4076

Krystyna Zaremba

Lead Harness Technician

Nick Sarin

Valued Added Engineer 856-740-1200 EXT. 1245

Michael Stoever

Marketing Associate 856-740-1200 EXT. 4070


CDM Electronics is a premier authorized distributor for manufacturers of electronic connectors and cables. Our specialty is harsh environment applications, where conditions surrounding the products can be extreme.